July 07, 2021 1 min read

My SA1NT Jeans Saved My Ass, Literally!

Taking a ride through summer SoCal during this quarantine, I had just started riding, maybe a month after I'd taken a CMSP (Motorcycle Safety Class).

Okay, so I’m with a group of four other veteran riders. We came across the last of a river crossing a road. One by one, everyone went across. I had moved just off centre, but that was enough. I slipped on some algae and began to fall in what felt like slow motion. I slid for about seven feet before jumping back up and immediately lifted my bike off its side. The crankcase was broken and would need a tow. I was able to get back up because your jeans saved my ass, literally lol — hot SoCal pavement wouldn’t have been good to feel at all.

Gui DaSilva-Greene
Stunt Performer

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