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It was a beautiful Summer day. I had a few more things to do, and then I had the day off to tour. As I rode onto the highway, I lost control of my motorcycle and started to slide at a speed over 60 km/h.

In the corner of my eye, I could see my Harley Davidson bouncing in front of me. Behind, I saw cars swerving and on the brakes. Above me was the blue sky as my life flashed by.

Then I was lying still on the road and thank the gods that it went well so far. I got up and saw my motorbike further down the road. Behind me, cars are standing still on the road. People came running up to me in shock, asking if I was wounded. I didn't think so, but that could also be the adrenaline.

I wanted to check my bike, but a doctor wanted to do a body check because there must be some trauma after such a crash and slide. "There's nothing wrong," she said, surprised. "How is it possible that you ride your motorcycle in blue jeans, and they're still completely intact! How is it possible? I saw you sliding over the road for 10 to 12 meters? Your leather jacket is so damaged that you'll have to throw it away, how is this possible! What kind of jeans are they?"

"Calm down, doctor—relax! They're SA1NT Unbreakable Jeans." I replied. In my mind, I thanked God for the pants.

Once I finally inspected my bike, I saw the handlebars and the footrest were 1cm shorter due to the sliding. The bike damage totalled €3500 plus another €500 for the jacket.

I don't know what caused the accident, but I know I slid 12 metres on an asphalted road. I had a lot of muscle pain, but my skin was still intact. I'll wear SA1NT for years.

— Eric

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Crash story - volume 19

Crash story - volume 19

Crash story - volume 19