December 12, 2019 1 min read

"I literally haven’t got a scratch on me thanks to my Unbreakable jeans." — Daniel

Designed to be your superman skin between you and the road, our denim is constantly put to the test in crashes and it always gets the job done. Check out Daniel's story below.

"I want to thank your Unbreakable jeans for literally saving my nuts and ass! Friday night I was coming home and as I went around a car turning left, another car came out of the same street in front me. In trying to avoid the car the bike has slid out from under me I’ve put my right leg down - causing me to basically do the splits and tear my hamstring off the bone then tumble roll down the road. I literally haven’t got a scratch on me thanks to SA1NT's Unbreakable jeans. By the looks of it, the jeans have absorbed a lot of the force and stopped a lot of further damage to myself.

Thanks again you guys have literally saved my ass!