December 12, 2019 2 min read

Nate took a slide in our Unbreakable Stretch denim. Find out what happened and how we stacked the odds in his favour.

I was riding my 1999 Sportster yesterday in my SA1NT Unbreakable stretch denim. A dude did an erratic manoeuvre in his four-wheel-drive by turning very quickly left from the right lane, right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, not sure if I made contact with him or not, but the bike slid out and I had a decent slide down the road into the middle of an intersection.

There was damage to my leather jacket and gloves, both were worn down. At least the sleeve of my jacket will need to be replaced.
My legs took the brunt of the accident and the slide. My Saint unbreakable stretch denim was completely unharmed/untouched (see attached picture). There wasn’t even a mark on them. Nothing. These jeans are 3 years old- I remember buying them at the Phillip Island GP 3 years ago from you guys. The only damage to me was some minor friction burn to my knee (see attached) and some bruising/swelling in my hip. I walked away.

I have basically worn these jeans almost every day since I got them (as you can tell by the wear pattern). They are my favourite jeans ever. I have worn them on long overseas trips, camping, I’ve slept in them, worn them to fancy dinners and every time I ride the bike (including long trips interstate).

I was sceptical that a single layer could provide adequate slide protection. I was sceptical that these jeans would provide slide protection after 3 years of general abuse and washing. I even remember thinking when I came off “my legs are gonna be toast” ... not the case at all.

So what I wanted to say was thank you. You guys saved my arse.