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SA1NT Unbreakable Denim Vest Review - Hot Bike Mag

Used, Abused, and Unbreakable After Three Years and All The Miles

Over the past three years or so, this vest has seen thousands of miles and several continents. It has been tied up to a sissy bar as a makeshift duffel bag, and it has been a pillow while camping. It can fit eight beer cans if you try really hard. I have, unfortunately, put the “Unbreakable” moniker to the test with a light accident (just a little sliding)—it proved its name and really didn’t look any different afterwards. It has gained some weird little customizations over the years and it has faded with age, but like all great things, it’s just gaining character and shows no signs of slowing down.

The SA1NT Unbreakable denim vest was one of the first items I ever got to test when I started at the magazines and has come with me on countless trips since. Over layers of insulation while testing Triumphs in Spain in the middle of winter. Over a T-shirt while testing Indian Scouts in Minneapolis in summer. The vest is an extra layer of protection, a great set of pockets, and now apparently lets everyone know my friends call me “Morg.”

Unbreakable denim was SA1NT original claim to fame. Made of 62% Dyneema, 33% cotton and ­apparently some 5%magic, this ­material can slide for a claimed four seconds, or more than 150 feet, before wearing through.

The front closure uses metal riveted buttons, and the two front pockets close with metal snaps. The fit is slim-ish, being long and light enough to just wear over a T-shirt but still big enough to wear over all those layers when I need to. The hand pockets on the side are perfect for my cell phone and keys, while the two larger pockets on the inside are better suited for my long wallet, tall cans, or whatever larger items you’re carrying.