May 25, 2023 1 min read

"I slid for 15 metres and was certain I would need medical attention, not even a thread was out of place on my SA1NT Jeans" - Daniel

I lost traction on a roundabout after it'd been raining; the bike fell on me and I tried to bail out but my leg got caught underneath resulting in me sliding with it for about 15 metres. The event stopped traffic, with people getting out of their cars to assist me. Luckily my foot was between the front wheel and the right foot peg otherwise my leg would've been crushed. The accident left my handlebars cracked and bent, my exhaust disjointed, front guard disjointed, forward controls and front brake lever ground to extreme angle, and my grip mashed in. My leg, however, was literally untouched. Not a scratch or even the slightest of bruises: perfectly fine.

The bike shredded, and the engine melted, straight through my wet weather pants, but didn't knock a thread out of place on my black saint jeans. leaving behind only the faintest of marks. I was certain I would need medical attention, or at the very least new jeans, but my saint gear held up and ensured neither was necessary. Truly a scary experience! Rattled me quite a bit, but proved to me that wearing protective, reliable gear is absolutely necessary for motorbike riding.


SA1NT Unbreakable Jeans


SA1NT Crash