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February 19, 2016 2 min read

Since we sold our first piece of SA1NT kit 7 months ago - we have had a number of crash stories come back to us.

Call it a personality flaw - but we don’t wanna be that crew that does a big look at how awesome we are on the social circuit every-time our gear does exactly what it is meant to do… protect.

Cause, first up - crashing sucks! (tried it - didn’t like it) … And it is so random - just last week SA1NTs Jack Walker super manned  over a car that pulled out in front of him destroying his pan, and he walked away with barely a scratch.. While another buddy just last Saturday night on his first country run tripped over a log beside the camp fire (while walking) and clean broke both his forearm bones (the Radius and Ulna)… What we are saying is this - often there is not rhyme or reason when things go random. simply - things just go random...

So… although there is nothing out there that will protect in every situation - we have been totally stoked that when things have gone random - SA1NT apparel has held up it’s end of the equation.


We wanted to share one email and a bunch of pictures that arrived in out inbox last December from Jonathan...

Hey guys... I was in a wreck. It's the other parties fault but I supermaned over the handlebars... Yeah I was headed up to my sisters I the neighboring state. 6 hours on the road and 30 minutes from their place some knucklehead pulled out 20 feet in front of me in their SUV from a side road. I was the only vehicle on the road, at night , with my brights on. I locked my brake up and slid 10 feet into the rear of their car. My bike is totaled. A lot of my gear is destroyed. Thanks to your guys’ unbreakable jeans, they did a great job. I only had some serious bruising on my hip and knee with 5 very minor abrasions on my legs. There is a little wear abrasion on the jeans themselves where I hit. (I was actually kinda sad I didn't slide more to put them through he ringer hahaha!) Thanks for keeping me safe. Peace guys. Jonathon.



SA1NT jeans are tough because we blend cotton with unbreakable 66% UHMWPE Dyneema®, the worlds strongest fibre. Our jeans demonstrate significant 360 burst and abrasion resilience.  ... and with triple stitched and bound seams, enamel engraved buttons, a flawless construction and slim (but not too slim) fit - An intense infusion of technology and denim.